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note : 8/20
de Anonyme
posté le 15/02/2012 - date de séjour : fevrier 2012
8 / 20
Great location in central covent garden, easy access to shops/underground and an abundance of restaurants/bars right on the doorstep. struggled to see the 5 star aspect to this hotel. rooms very minimalistically furnished and very small and
note : 16/20
de Anonyme
posté le 26/05/2012 - date de séjour : mai 2012
16 / 20
Really nice hotel. the staff couldn't have been better. room was very small though. the use of the gym "gym box" next door was a fantastic amenity.
note : 20/20
de Anonyme
posté le 04/11/2012 - date de séjour : novembre 2012
20 / 20
Hits all the marks: location, friendly/helpful staff, rooms have everything figured out--right down to ample plugs incl. right by the bed, comp access to gym box... a lot of thought went into this hotel. will return.