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note : 12/20
de Anonyme
posté le 24/02/2012 - date de séjour : fevrier 2012
12 / 20
We found baymont to be clean and quiet. great for a no frills but comfortable overnight.
note : 8/20
de Anonyme
posté le 27/02/2012 - date de séjour : fevrier 2012
8 / 20
Suited my need for an inexpensive stay. the room was clean which was important to me. it was very basic with no frills. i had to switch rooms because the tv did not work in the first room. the second room was difficult to regulate the heat. but it
note : 16/20
de Anonyme
posté le 08/10/2012 - date de séjour : octobre 2012
16 / 20
I wanted an inexpensive overnight and this served nicely. my booking stated from the outset that it was a smoking room and i was concerned because i took the savings but really don't like the smell. in this case, while there was some smell, it