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note : 8/20
de Anonyme
posté le 14/02/2012 - date de séjour : fevrier 2012
8 / 20
Left a shirt at the hotel and couldn't get any help from staff to get it back. not my favorite. but a good spot for the city.
note : 16/20
de Anonyme
posté le 10/03/2012 - date de séjour : mars 2012
16 / 20
The hotel barcelo managua exceeded my expectations in just about every area. the only thing that wasn't perfect was that their business center wasn't open when they said it was. but they offered to print our boarding passes for us at the front
note : 20/20
de Anonyme
posté le 04/04/2012 - date de séjour : avril 2012
20 / 20
The barcelo chain knows how to make a nice hotel and it shows in this jewel in managua as well!