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note : 4/20
de Anonyme
posté le 08/10/2012 - date de séjour : octobre 2012
4 / 20
I had bed bugs and got bitten in multiple places. the staff was kind and brought a doctor in to give me some cream. they switched rooms for me, however i read with bed bugs they can live up to a year in your suitcase and on your clothing. i think
note : 16/20
de Anonyme
posté le 12/03/2012 - date de séjour : mars 2012
16 / 20
Spent two weeks working in manila. more of a family-focused than a business hotel.
note : 20/20
de Anonyme
posté le 15/03/2012 - date de séjour : mars 2012
20 / 20
Only smiling memories. the staff is perfect, hotel is extraordinary, breakfast is amazing. i did not want to leave. i would like to go again back.