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note : 12/20
de Anonyme
posté le 04/06/2012 - date de séjour : juin 2012
12 / 20
It was not too pricy given the cost of other hotels. but one needed a taxi to get to the airport. one had to pay for breakfast, which was ok but not worth what was charged.
note : 4/20
de Anonyme
posté le 02/04/2012 - date de séjour : avril 2012
4 / 20
I dont know how much they paid for there 5 stars but i'd bet it was a lot ! there is not enough space in this forum to write everything wrong with this hotel but i will tell you this much and then you decide. the windows in the rooms, and i mean
note : 16/20
de Anonyme
posté le 14/11/2012 - date de séjour : novembre 2012
16 / 20
Size of the room is more than enough. price/performance value is great.